A New Group

December 8, 2017

Many months have passed since the last post on this blog.  During that time I shot hundreds of photographs.  Of those, about 90 percent of them had to be deleted.  It takes a lot of shooting to get one good one.  Thank goodness for digital cameras.


Merced River, May 2017. Picnic with FotoPosa while shooting the abundance of water in Yosemite Valley.

I have continued to learn the basics of using my digital camera…and when I say basics, that’s no exaggeration.  Here’s what I mean:  I’ve learned to exchange lenses—before I was stuck using the lens that was originally on the camera.  I’ve learned how to set the mode to two-second delay when using a tripod to reduce shaking.  I’ve learned how to properly hold the camera when shooting, and how to delete unwanted images…like I said, hundreds of them both individually and in a batch.


Upper Cascade Creek, June 2017. Fotoposa photo shoot: waterfalls in Yosemite.

All of this is thanks to a group of friends whom I met in the photo club.  Together we formed a new group called FotoPosa.


Upper Cascade Creek, June 2017. FotoPosa photo shoot: learning to photograph moving water.

All of us had the desire to take better photos, but didn’t know the first thing about using our cameras.  We were searching for more instruction on camera use and techniques, more than what the photo club provided.  Through discussions with one another, we formed this group with a non-professional but excellent and knowledgeable photographer who agreed to teach us.


Milky Way, August 2017. FotoPosa photo shoot: learning to photograph the night sky. Photo taken from St. Catherine’s Church cemetery in Hornitos, CA.

FotoPosa meets monthly for field trips and photo shoots—you’ve been viewing the photos taken during those trips.  We gather at various times of day to learn to shoot in different settings and lighting.


September 2017. FotoPosa photo shoot: sunsets. Taken from a country roadside in Bear Valley.

It has been a tremendous help, not to mention a load of fun.  There is still a lot to learn—as you can see from the blurry Milky Way photo.


Helping each other.

The group has been encouraging, supportive, and a great help to me.


November 2017. FotoPosa photo shoot: birds at Merced Wildlife Refuge.

We recently gathered at a member’s home for a Christmas party where we planned photo shoots for 2018.  I look forward to sharing with you what I learn.


Until next year…have a happy and safe holiday season.


5 thoughts on “A New Group

  1. Fascinating! It’s been great watching the improvement in the quality of your photos. In this blog, the Upper Cascade photo looks like the water is on fire.


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