A Diamond in the Rough

FotoPosa gathered at the Mariposa Museum & History Center for February’s photoshoot.  There was a plethora of things to photograph on the museum grounds—rusty parts and pieces of mining relics from the Gold Rush era.

That day, coincidentally, my husband was a docent at the museum.


We walked the grounds for an hour photographing anything that we thought would make an interesting picture.


The photo shoot taught us how to adjust our camera settings for bright light and close-up photography, though not necessarily macrophotography.




It also tested our skills at post-processing—cropping photographs, adjusting light, or in some cases artistically altering a photograph.  Below (left) I photographed a section of a Joshua Hendy jaw crusher, then artistically altered the same photograph (right) in post processing.

If you visit the historic town of Mariposa, add the Museum & History Center to your list of things to see.  As one visitor said, “It’s a diamond in the rough.”  And the Smithsonian Institution dubbed it “The Best Little Museum of Its Size West of the Mississippi”.

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