Spring Has Sprung

FotoPosa took advantage of the beautiful weather in early April for a photo shoot of wildflowers.  We headed to Incline Road on a warm but cloudy day in El Portal.


Baby blue eyes

This trip was confirmation that our group has progressed as photographers.  Last year we came to the same area to photograph wildflowers.



Back then we needed instruction on camera settings, or we shot in automatic.  This year we worked independently walking up and down the road that skirts the Merced River.


We experimented with settings and lenses and knew better how it all works together. Everyone brought a tripod to shoot but no one used one.



I enjoy photographing close-ups of wildflowers, but still need work on shooting flowery landscapes.  None of the poppy-filled hillsides I shot came out particularly well.


California poppy

Have a happy and joy-filled spring!



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