Leading Lines

Week #23 Challenge

The challenge this week is to use leading lines in food photography.  I have many photographs of our family sitting around a breakfast- or dinner-table, their plates filled with food; but not many of food and even less to none of food using leading lines.  I searched my stash of photos and came up with this one taken during our extended family Christmas celebration.

For years Chris used to bartend for the group filling everyone’s glass with the drink of their choice, popping beers caps, and even coming up with a signature holiday cocktail.  To simplify, we decided to serve only wine last year, no bartender needed.  Here, the wine bottles loosely point up as leading lines to the dangling crystal glasses that Chris holds to his ears.


December 22, 2018

2 thoughts on “Leading Lines

    • I could have set up a photo for the purpose of the challenge (and that’s probably the point of these challenges), but I like looking through the old ones trying to find something that fits.


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