Week #22 Challenge

This week’s challenge is to tell the story of a stranger.  I dread taking photos of strangers.  Somehow, pointing a large, clunky camera at a stranger makes me uncomfortable.

One night Chris and I were dining at Degnan’s in Yosemite.  For the purpose of this challenge, I pretended like I was taking a photo of him using my smartphone, but instead photographed the people around us.  Those images did not turn out well.  So, I searched my reserve photos and realized, I really don’t have many of strangers.

What I found was this: a photo of the bar at Lalla Oceanside Grill that Chris and I visited in Monterey, CA.  What caught my eye was the mirrored wall filled with shelves of bottles.  Twinkling from the ceiling (not shown in the photo) hung crystal chandeliers.  The black leather bar stools grounded the glitzy upper half of the room.  And for the purpose of this challenge, there are two strangers seated at the bar having a drink.


July 10, 2016


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